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About Us

Ace and Bear (previously known as Belle Announcements) formed out of my love of snail mail and graphic art. I have dedicated my adult life to the magical art of letter writing.

I would imagine my love of snail mail began when, at the age of six, I slipped a small scrap of paper inside a balloon and sent it off into the clouds. My tiny note sailed from Dearborn, Michigan to Cleveland, Ohio and into the hands of a dear couple who shared my love of pen and ink. Homer and Doris would soon become my pen pals, my confidants and my family. My youngest is named after Doris. 

Nine years since forming my small business, my designs have reached all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. My passion for texture and ink has made a mark and I am thrilled to be a graphic artist who is dedicated to preserving the magical art of letter writing.

I am thankful for the support and business I receive. A percentage of sales is donated directly to a non-profit every month. To learn more about the non-profits I have donated to or to suggest a non-profit, go to the Donation Page